Welcome to WorkSource Inc.

We are WorkSource, a staffing agency on a mission to continuously provide professional staffing services to both employees and businesses alike. 

For more than two decades now, we have been servicing a multitude of industries, providing employment solutions to employees and businesses.  From professional staffing to light industrial, WorkSource is your number one source for employment opportunities.

Recruiting the Very Best

Recruiting the Very Best

Did you know that partnering with WorkSource to market, recruit and source your employees, you get more time to focus on your business.

Our services will give you a competitive advantage in terms of recruiting top employees.  While boosting the organization’s efficiency and helping to grow your business.

Why Choose Us:

Job Seekers

  • Wide range of Opportunities: We network with a diverse set of recruiters, with extensive experience. This enables us to provide you a wide range of opportunities.
  • The Right Employer: We match your skillset and capabilities to the right job and employer. This will help you in your career growth and success.
  • Quick Services: Our services help to ensure that you get the job that meets your needs today.


  • Save money: Our services will help you save money on payroll expenses, benefit costs, training, and turnover.
  • Custom Solutions: We provide services and scalability you need to stay competitive.
  • Responsive: We're a quality-oriented agency, offering responsive solutions right when you need them.


WorkSource takes pride in our employee owners.  Whether you are a job seeker looking for work or a client looking for the right candidate.  We are here to find you a fast and effective solution.