WorkSource delivers responsive, cost-effective and reliable staffing solutions.


We place people in contract, contract-to-hire and direct-hire positions for our clients across several locations nationwide.  From short-term contract employees to full-time professionals, we can provide you with the people you need at precisely when you need them.



WorkSource can provide you with contract employees for short-term assignments or indefinite periods of time, giving you the flexible support to meet your specific needs. Our team of experienced industry professionals will provide you with qualified people who are rigorously evaluated. Our proprietary hiring process is designed to ensure that you receive people who are the best fit for your needs.



Receive the benefits of ongoing productivity from a contract placement and evaluate the employee’s long-term potential from within your work environment. Save money and have greater control over your internal hiring process by transitioning successful performers to your core workforce who already know the job and the company.

Direct Hire


The search for your company's next employee can be costly and time-consuming. Our professional team of recruiters combine extensive industry and functional expertise to deliver highly qualified candidates who best serve your specific business needs.  We incorporate a variety of screening processes and interview techniques to ensure a perfect fit, saving your company time and resources.

Referral Staffing


Our referral staffing solutions are designed to enable clients who manage their own employee recruiting and selection to leverage our administrative support and employment expertise to save time and money.


We provide you with a simple and efficient solution for the placement of your pre-identified workers on our payroll. You choose the people you want to work for you and we place them on our payroll. It’s that simple.  Staff one person or entire departments as needed, when needed, without most of the costly administrative burden associated with the employment process.


WorkSource referral staffing solutions can be used to employ full-time, part-time and non-traditional staff, including:

  • Contract workers
  • Flex-time workers
  • Interns
  • Peak time workers
  • Retirees
  • Students
  • Seasonal workers
  • Short-term or special project workers
  • Temporary workers

Customized For Your Specific Needs


Because no two businesses are alike, our referral staffing solutions are customizable. We have the capability to provide you with a wide variety of program service options based on your specific needs that will optimize the return on your investment.

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