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Below are a series of career development tips and advice for job seekers.


Check out each tip by topic:

Resumé Writing


  • Beefing Up an Anemic Resumé

    To get the most mileage out of your resume, you’ll want to emphasize certain aspects of your background. By doing so, you’ll present your qualifications in the most favorable light, and help give the employer a better understanding of your...

  • A Stronger Resumé Will Increase Your Odds

    Reality Check: Given the choice of two candidates of equal ability, hiring managers will always prefer to interview the one with the most artfully constructed and attractive resume.   For that reason, candidates with superb qualifications...

Job Interviewing


  • How Do I Discuss the Subject of Money?

    During the employment interview, there’s a good chance you’ll be asked about your current and expected level of compensation. Here’s the way to handle the following questions:   Question: What are you currently earning? Answer: “My...

  • How to Answer Interview Questions

    Here are eight of the most commonly asked (and basic) interviewing questions. Do yourself and the prospective employer a favor, and give them some thought before the interview occurs.   Why do you want this job? Why...

Career Decisions


  • The Strategic Case for Changing Jobs

    There are many deeply personal reasons to change your employment situation. However, from a purely strategic point of view, there are four good reasons to change jobs within the same (or similar) industry three times during your first ten years...

  • Your Next Job: What Does it Really Pay?

    Compensation will be a key factor in your decision whether to accept a new position. However, few people take the time to really understand their economic choices, mostly because there are so many hidden factors, such as cost of living, benefits,...

Job Transition


  • How to Leave a Job Gracefully

    Imagine a co-worker who trashes his cubicle, plays practical jokes on his replacement and slinks off with the copier on his last day of work. Is this a person you’d recommend to a prospective employer? Or expect your company to rehire? Or want to...

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