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Alabama : Union Springs

WorkSource is seeking experienced production employees to work as live hangers at a poultry facility in Union Springs, AL. Second shift positions are available. Poultry experience is a plus. Duties include: - Securely placing bird into moving shackles - Work cooperatively with supervisors and coworkers - Must be able to follow directions and work in other departments as needed. - Must be able to perform additional duties as assigned. Physical Requirements include: - Ability to work in a wet and cold environment - 45 degrees - Ability to stand for an 8-hour shift - Ability to tolerate noise and moving production - Ability to reach forward 18 inches and upward 45 degrees up to 5 feet - Must be able to lift 7-8 pound birds repetitively - Must be able to hang 24 birds per minute - Must be able to work in a closed area. To apply, visit WorkSource at Wayne Farms, 444 Baskin St. South in Union Springs. For more information, call WorkSource at 334-808-9646.

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